Philosophy & Goals

Our Guiding Principles


    Healing- We believe that we as farmers, consumers, and as individuals are able to bring healing to our ecology, economy, and to our personal lives as well as the life of our community.

    Abundance- We believe that abundance is possible when we purposefully set limits for ourselves, and our farm, and we share that abundance ~ with fellow farmers, consumers, and seekers.

    Wise Traditions & Modern Intentions- We believe that there are valuable principles and practices that have guided farmers through the centuries. These principles have provided nutrient dense foods for communities throughout history. We believe that these traditions can still be applied and utilized to fit our modern context, and that these traditions and can be built upon.


    1.  This farm is to facilitate healing~ the healing of this farm's landscape, the healing and revitalization of agrarian culture within its community, and the healing of individuals who choose to participate in its mission (as customers, supporters, business partners).
    2. This farm is to provide Nutrient Dense Food~ the production of this farm is geared toward producing high quality food that is nutritionally superior to the industrial/commercial/conventional alternatives.
    3. This farm is to build community~ through direct marketing to customers and supporters we are able to build honest, transparent, and mutually beneficial relationships that cultivate community life.

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