Who We Are Called to Serve

Farm to Consumer Relationship

What we offer to you-

We provide people with real food that is produced in a holistic way. Some people use our pasture raised products because it tastes better, others see us as their source for food that will bring health to their guts. Others choose to support us because we work to make sure that the products we produce are adding more to our land than what is being taken from it.

How we view Customers-

We view customers as supporters and personal investors into this land healing ministry. Every time you choose to support this farm, you enable us to move one step closer in the right direction. You personally help us to plant trees, restore grassland, prevent erosion, and to bring diversity onto this landscape. That work is not possible without you, and through your support you're helping us to do a better job each year.

Who we want to serve-

We want to serve people that love food, and understand that there is a difference between quantity and quality. We want to serve people who see it as a worthwhile investment to bring new life to this farm.  We want to serve people who believe it is important to intimately know their own kitchens, to know their farmer,  and to know what kind of impact their food choices are having (on their body, on the economy, on the ecology).

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