Wise Traditions, Modern Intentions

One Small Farm...

...One Big Dream

What's the "Big Dream" that this farm has? It's simple really. To provide you with good, local food that has been raised following the pattern that Nature has given us. That's it. The more we follow Nature's Template, I believe, we as individuals will experience a better sense of personal well being. By utilizing the natural gifts and talents of livestock, I believe that this farm will become healthier, that its soils will become more nutrient dense. I believe our rural economy will become more resilient, and I believe that beauty will make itself known on our landscapes.
Do I really believe that you help make that dream a reality just by ordering some pork or chicken? Heck yes I do. Your support of me as your farmer does a tremendous amount of good. Good for me, for this farm, and for this community. Your support helps me to become a better farmer...and believe me, I need all the help I can get.

So, please take a look at the online store and place an order for some pork, or chicken, and if you're interested you can text me about getting Raw Milk. I want to help you as much as I can in your search for local food from local farmers.

Also, before I forget, this year 5% of the total amount of chicken and pork ordered will be donated to the Local Food Bank. Many people who are struggling financially have a hard time getting access to quality nutrient dense food...and I want to do something about that. It's not much, but its a charitable act that is totally dependent on the support of people like you!

Thank you!

Andrew Texley, your farmer

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