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Farm Meat Boxes

~A New Way to experience the Goodness of this Farm~

Want to provide good, wholesome, pasture-raised food for you and your family? We're here to help. If you're looking for variety of pasture raised beef and pork at a flat price our Farm Boxes are perfect for you. You get the most value for your spending this way, as you are paying for the box, not by the pound, and if you choose to have your order delivered to your home, you will receive the most value for your shipping charge with your Farm Box order~ It's simple, easy, affordable, and you get to help support a small farm that's trying to make a difference.  Our Current Scheduled Shipping Date is January 6th~ Pick Up in Albion is Scheduled for January 11th.

How It Works

1 Take a Look

Browse through our selection of pasture-raised Farm Meat Boxes, and select the best fit for you!

2 Sign Up

You get signed up with the Farm so that we can keep in contact with you!

3 Receive your Order

After your order is placed you can choose shipping or local pick up in Albion!
Shipping is currently only available in the State of Nebraska.

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